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James Crofts is on hand to help you get the live bass sound you deserve, on to your music, quick & affordable. In the world today project studios have become more and more popular, more cost effective and easier to setup. However not everyone has the means or knowledge to get the right bass parts on their sessions. You could be a composer, multi-instrumentalist or producer but may have limited bass skills… or you don’t know of any bass players to live up to your standard of music…. and you don’t want to hire someone to come to you due to the costs. So contact James Crofts to provide you with the perfect session bassist solution at an affordable price.

How it works:

Step One: Email your track along with your requirements and ideas – links to tracks with the same sort of vibe you are looking for are helpful. Once James has an idea of what you are looking for you will receive a quote for the session. Price will depend on the time it will take to finish your project and changes you want to make to the first draft.

Step Two: Once the final take is recorded you will be sent a preview.

Step Three: Once full payment is received you will be sent the finished bass track in your chosen format. (You will receive two tracks. A mixed cab track and a straight DI track)

Payments: 50% deposit is required prior to the start of the session, and the remaining 50% upon final approval. Payment must be submitted via Paypal to: [email protected]

Gear and software:
Ashdown Amps and Cabs Enfield LionHeart Basses with SimS Super Quad Pickups Elites Strings Avalon U5 Di’s Focusright Interfaces Logic Pro X Pro Tools 10 & 11 Plus endless plugins and effects.

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