Bassist & Vocalist:

Live Wire
Northants Jazz 2
God’s Spell
Soul Provida
Music Live London & NEC
The Surrey Swingers
Souled Out
Rob Reynolds
Cirrica Live/ Web Cast
By Jovi
Chris George Band
49 Giraffes
Motley Crew
ABBA Fever
ABBA Generations
Rocky Shades Wrathchild
Arron Luther
Bon Giovi
Birmingham Guitar Show 2017
London Bass Guitar Show 2017/2018

Live Sound:

Superior Sound Services
Black Cat Audio
Jaimie Ullah
Geno Washington
Pauline Black
Eddie Floyd
The Blockheads
Katy Setterfield as Dusty Springfield

Studio Sessions & Teaching:

Live Wire (Jazz/ Funk Band)
Soul Provida
Big Bear Productions Studio Sessions
Souled Out
Passion Street
Rocky Shades Wrathchild
Arron Luther
Bass WorkShops and Clinics
Bass Tuition Private Lessons
Bass Tuition Milton Keynes Rock School

Favourite Quote

“You can’t hold no groove if you ain’t got no pocket ”

Victor Wooten


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